The Ancient Roman Back Brace

Good Posture The Ancient Roman Way

Back pain is a modern health problem that did not exist back in the antiquity. The ancient Romans used a special kind of armor that kept their back and spine straight, allowing them to carry heavy loads with good posture. Our back brace aims to replicate this effect in a more comfortable way.

How Does It Work?

The Ancient Roman Back Brace fights back pain in a very simple way - it corrects your posture with daily usage so that your spine is forced into the correct position. Comfortable to wear, the Ancient Roman Back Brace builds excellent posture habits.

How exactly does it fix poor posture? It's a corset-like garment that holds your back in a fixed upright position, making it nearly impossible to slouch. It promotes good posture by pulling your back muscles into their natural position and conditioning them to stay that way.

This back brace uses an old biological feature of the human body called "tissue adaptation" - basically, the body becomes accustomed to its current position over time. After wearing the back brace daily, the chest and back muscles evolve over time to get a better spinal position.

Once the Posture Corrector is used regularly, poor posture can be reduced naturally. It's so comfortable it's really hard to tell you're even wearing anything!

Works For Men And Women - Available For All Sizes & Fully Customizable

Benefits Of The Ancient Roman Back Brace

- Innovative Belt Holds Your Back In Place To Fight Back Pain

- New Flexible Cotton Fabric Gives You Good Comfort & Durability

- Adjustable Correction Allows For Customizable Posture Correction

- Gives You Better Posture

- Straightens The Spine & Back Muscles

Premium materials for extreme comfort

Why Is The Ancient Roman Back Brace Different From Other Back Braces?

There are many posture correctors - but the Ancient Roman Back Brace is different for 2 very simple reasons:

1. Most back braces only pull your shoulders back but they don't have any belt to hold your spine and back - the Ancient Roman Back Brace also has a belt (as you can clearly see in the pictures) that "holds" the back in place. This is why it may be effective at improving posture.

2. It contains a small fixed metal piece in the body of the brace which forces the body to maintain perfect spinal position. Most back braces can actually cause further problems by pulling the shoulders back incorrectly. The Ancient Roman Back Brace uses that small metal piece along the spine to create that perfect S spinal shape without any discomfort (it's barely noticeable!).

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